This page is all about our mums.

There are a number of different paths you can follow to success with us – whatever success might mean to you.

Most mums follow a two step process with us.

The first step is a free taster session, so we can work out what you want to achieve with us. The second step is enrolling on one of our courses, which will help you to find a fulfilling career or build up a thriving business.


Our taster session are fun, friendly and informal. They will give you a taste of what it’s like to work with Successful Mums, and give you the clarity you need to decide on your next step. Our taster sessions are open to anyone wanting to get back into work, change jobs, start up a new business or develop an existing small business.

Who are our taster sessions suitable for?

Anybody! If you want some advice on your business or career, come along. Our short taster sessions are a great place to begin.

When do the courses run?

There are monthly taster sessions – please see our Course and Events page for further details

What is involved?

Jane provides a short, informative introduction on how to find a new career or develop your own business.

How long are they?

2 hours

What will I get out of a taster session?

The session will provide clarity about what to do next on your journey towards a flexible and fulfilling career or new business venture.

How much does it cost?

Absolutely nothing! Taster sessions are free to anyone within the community.


Book a free taster session.

Head to the Training page to find the date that suits you.

Step 2:pick your course

Your taster session will show you what it’s like working with us and help you find the right course for you. We run courses designed to help you in the workplace, or give you a boost in running your business.

Back to work

We have a range of courses designed for mums looking to get back into the workplace or find a new job. They’re free to those who meet the criteria – find out if we have the course for you.

Business start-up

Our courses are designed for mums who want to begin a business or develop an existing new business. They are free to those who meet the criteria and you will even come out with a qualification – find out if this is the option for you.

Coaching with Jane

Successful Mums Founder Jane Knight also runs an exclusive coaching session for mums, offering one-to-one work as well as group sessions. If you are interested in an executive course, we would be very happy to see you are one of our taster sessions. The format whilst working with Jane will be quite different, but a taster session is a good chance to meet Jane face to face, get a feel for her approach, and ask any questions.

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