Who are Successful Mums? And why do we do what we do?

It’s something we are often asked, so who better to answer than our very own Founder Jane Knight?

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JANE KNIGHTFounder of Successful Mums

I created Successful Mums in 2014, after struggling to find fulfilling, flexible work that would fit around my two small children. I soon realised I wasn’t alone and that thousands of women were in the same boat.

Drawing on my experience as a teacher, business coach and career advisor, I set out to provide training and advice for mums returning to work, taking their first steps in business or looking for a better work-life balance. I designed my courses with one goal in mind: to give mums the confidence and skills to kick-start a new chapter in their lives.

Four years on, Successful Mums has welcomed more than 3,800 women through its doors, helping them build new careers and thriving businesses. Our fun, challenging and thought-provoking courses get fantastic results and we’re passionate about helping mums from all walks of life achieve personal success, regardless of experience or how long they’ve been away from the workplace. I’m proud to say that 96% of mums tell us they feel more confident after our training and 100% would recommend us to their friends.

My team at Successful Mums are all local parents and many are graduates of our courses themselves. We’re committed to working in the local community  and love nothing more than connecting our mums to flexible employers, mentors and other opportunities. From high street names to local entrepreneurs, a brilliant and growing network of employers and supporters is at the heart of what we do.

Successful Mums has taken me on an exciting and hugely rewarding journey. I truly believe that success means something different to everyone and am a keen advocate of positive wellbeing. I love setting out on new adventures, especially with my children, who remain the inspiration for my work at Successful Mums.

Please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn  or send me an email to see if I can help.

Jane x

Jane Knight, Founder, Successful Mums



We couldn’t train, coach, guide and inspire without our skilled team. Between us, we have many years’ experience in HR, enterprise, returnships and back to work training. People far and wide hear about our successes – mums and businesses alike. We do business through recommendation, and it works because we are great at what we do.

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Our ultimate aim is to help all mums get their mojo back! We make sure our mums recognise the value of their parenting skills in the workplace or within their business, so they can be put to good use.

Our vision is to help mums progress. We do this by helping them to:

  • Identify and recognise their skills, then put them to use in the next chapter of their journey
  • Embrace the new outlook on life they’ve had since becoming a parent
  • Take their own personal journey towards career success

By doing this, our goal is to provide a platform which promotes flexible working and personal success, whatever this might like to each individual.

Our unique content is designed by Jane Knight and introduces simple steps to getting started. We aim to bridge the gap between someone’s current situation and their future career success. For mums who don’t know where to start, we help get them to the stage where they have a clear outline of their options.

We offer:

  • Confidence-building techniques
  • Employer connections
  • Fun!

We have helped more than 4,000 women so far and will continue to help so many more. We stay true to our mission and values so we can do what is best for the mums who want to learn from us.
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